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A message of optimism supporting environmental protection and involvement in nature with more sustainable products.

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Because everyone always asks what it means when we say "it's still today."

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Spreading a message of truth and facts around the world

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      "It's still today" was conceived while living in a modest shack community of raft guides within the mountains of Western North Carolina. The message began with stressful complaints of coworkers, and the simple yet reassuring thought that articulated itself as, "don't worry, it's still today."

      It wasn't long before it was suggested to make the thought into a sticker--a very popular way to advertise what you support and believe in in the world of raft guides and other outdoor adventurers.

     With the explosive popularity of the stickers and an upcoming adventure in the works, founder Kate Vancouver decided to use this phrase to design and screen-print t-shirts in her hometown as a way to fundraise for her hike of the Appalachian Trail, as well as an organization that was working to get women and girls outside [SheJumps].

     Upon completion (kind of) of that adventure, Kate decided it was time to turn the focus of 'it's still today' in a more sustainable direction. Today, our shirts are printed (by hand, as always) on shirts made from recycled bottles, and a percentage of our profits are donated to organizations for climate science and action as well as groups to increase inclusion in the out-of-doors.

     In 2018 we were able to donate a total of 30% of profits to the Athens Conservancy for the protection and maintenance of natural spaces, to Rural Action for their work with environmental education, and to their recently absorbed branch (previously UpGrade Ohio) that works on sustainable travel.

     In 2019 we donated 10% of profits from Ohio once again to Rural Action. With Kate's move to Washington we also donated 10% of Washington profits to the Port Townsend Marine Science Center, a locally operating non-profit that "is an educational and scientific organization devoted to understanding and conserving our marine and shoreline environment." (Taken from As always, we believe that supporting locally operated and specified environmental efforts is just one way to make a more lasting impact. 

     In 2020 we continued our support of Rural Action's efforts to improve the natural world and educate students in Southeastern Ohio, and will do the same in 2021.

          Mission: To spread a message of optimism while supporting the natural                                  environment and involvement in the outdoors with more sustainable products.


          Vision: To be a change-agent in a consumer paradigm shift to more sustainable                       and service-minded purchasing.



  • To select organizations or causes that work to reverse the effects of anthropogenic climate change to donate a percentage of sales to.

  • To function as sustainably as possible, hoping to achieve carbon neutrality through recycled merchandise and offset donations.

  • To inspire conscientious consumption.

  • To inspire life without excess.

  • To inspire a mindset of living in the present that coexists with mindful forethought.


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